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We are a Moroccan and British International Programme School in Tangier, a School that has a new way of thinking and organisation, whose  objective is to offer a first class education and service to the community.  This  project was over two years in  planning and preparation and from its conception has had tremendous assistance from the authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco. The school received its first students after phase 1 construction was completed  in 2008 and  we have now commenced building phase 2.  The land area is  a generous 1.5 hectares that is situated in a superb location in the suburbs of Tangier. The school caters for both national and international students through a ‘Dual  Education System’ similar to the model operated by some European schools and is taught in the languages of English, Arabic and French. We  have pre-school, primary and secondary departments with an additional further education centre to be added in the future. An integral part of the project is the  boarding house that will offer onsite student accommodation for full or part-time boarders. Our primary and secondary departments  are licensed by the University of Cambridge and the school follows fully the  educational syllabus and standards demanded by the international examining board.






The AMS British International Programme is tailored to suit the needs of the growing influx of foreign nationals resident in Tangier and Moroccan expatriates returning to the country or living abroad who need to continue their child's education in an international English programme. Furthermore, there is an emphasis  on Morocco and Moroccan culture with  Arabic and French languages offered as an integral part of the  programme.

The students are prepared for internationally recognised examinations that are accepted worldwide: the Cambridge Primary Achievement Award, Cambridge Checkpoint, IGCSE, A Level and the CIE English Language qualifications.  This provides our students with the best possible advantage  for them to make choices and decisions about their future.


Tingis offers the full Moroccan national programme, with an English language component, available for the local Moroccan community. This  prepares students for Moroccan national examinations in preparation for the Moroccan Baccalaureate and some optional internationally recognised certificates and diplomas that are based on those taken by the international students such as Cambridge YLEs, KET, PET and FCE.

In addition to demanding high academic standards and good discipline, the school  offers a varied and comprehensive range of sport, creative and cultural activities that will compliment and enrich the overall educational programme. All this is in a friendly, tolerant and international environment, where every student can feel welcome and make new friends wherever they come from!



From its conception this project was developed on the principle of modern education and how to deliver it at its best. We aspire to give a challenging, meaningful and enjoyable education to our young people.  In pursuit of this objective we  have a strong team of dedicated and competent staff, onsite modern facilities and up to date equipment and resources.  The school is administered by a qualified and experienced international management team who are committed to giving a professional and affordable service.

Registration is now open for 2010-11 so please contact us for information regarding the enrolment process using the contacts below!



'We are preparing for future life'





Tel : +212 (0) 531 06 06 70 /71
Tel / Fax: +212 (0) 531 06 06 72

AMS-TINGIS, Km 5.5, Route de Rabat, Ziaten, TANGER